The fight takes place in 5 points with a limited time (1min30 to 2 min). The fight stops as soon as a stike is successful, the referees count it and resume the match (without stopping the time). A successful stike is a clean but controlled stike. To score points, the fighter will be able to make direct, long or short touches on the whole body. He can snatch the nunchaku from his opponent. If the stikes are too close together : the referee will announce "simultaneous" and he will let the fight unfold, the fighters will have to chain another stike more clear having recovered his nunchaku between each stike. The fight is won when one of the two fighters has reached 5 points, there will be no points apart. If the time is over before reaching the 5 points, the referees will announce the score.


1 min30 for minis-cadets (-14 years), juniors (14/18 years), women and masters (+ 40 years).

 2 min for seniors (18/40 years).

He is never stopped, except on injury or exceptional request from the referee.



1 point all the body (from the feet to the shoulders).

1 head point.

1 tearing point, nunchaku loss, penalty.



Only the central referee will judge the seriousness of the penalty, he can only "warn", "sanction" (with 1 point for the opponent) or "exclude".

  The penalties :

 - Strikes too strong or dangerous (strike short stung, strikes in the neck or the back).

 - Direct contact with his opponent (load, knee or elbow forward).

- Talk to his opponent or the referee without being authorized to do so.

 - Double strike s: if between two stikes the recovery of the nunchaku is not good.

 - Do not handle your nunchaku for 5 seconds.

 - Outings.





 A central referee :

 He checks, before starting, that the fight can be carried out safely :

 Checking shells, helmets and foam nunchakus, gloves are optional but advised.

During the fight he monitors: the faults and the marked points.

 He will score the points with his fingers.


 The assistants :

One to three assistants.

They will stretch out their arms in the camp of the marked point.

They can report a penalty.


 The chronometer :

He starts the stopwatch at the start of the fight, announces the last  "30 seconds" and the end of the fight.

 He may stop the stopwatch, during a fight, if the central referee requests it.